These days everyone is bombarded with warranties, guarantees and promises, which often down the line are worth less that the paper they have been printed on.

We are different. We are a solid and well established company that provides a written guarantee for a period of 12 months for all the works we do. This isn't just a piece of paper that we give away willy nilly. We have our standard terms and conditions that are written in a clear and easily understandable language. No small print. No hidden agenda. We honour our promise and if something goes wrong, we are there to rectify it at our own expense.

We are also fully insured up to £2m for any damages, up to £5m for any accidents and up to £1m for legal costs. This gives us and you a peace of mind that shall something go wrong, we are all covered whatever happens. We have never ever had to claim on the insurance so far and it has been over 30 years since we've started our adventure with construction.

Everyone heard dreadful stories of cowboy builders, botched jobs, collapsed buildings and unfihished projects. It is extremely hard these days to find a solid company that delivers on their promise. We have made it our goal to be not only fully insured and provide a written guarantee, but also to take full ownership of projects we work on. We are accountable and reliable when it matters most.

Below we have prepared the list of things to which you should pay attention before you hire a company. It will allow you to quickly identify potential cowboys and dodgy firms.

  • Do they have an insurance? Ask for a certificate and verify it with the issuer.
  • Are they a real company? Check them on Companies House.
  • Do they have a registered office or is it a home address?
  • Is there a landline or just a mobile number?
  • Do they have a website? Is it verified by an SSL certificate?
  • Are they associated with a reputable trade bodies?
    (Gas Safe, NICEIC, TrustMark, CHAS etc.)
  • Do they have verified public profiles on market leading directories?
  • Are they active on those profiles?
  • Is there a history of clients reviews over a period of time?
  • Can they show you any of their current work in progress?
  • Can you speak to previous clients directly?
  • Do they have company branded uniforms, buisness cards etc.?
  • Do they have a portfolio of previous work you can see?

All of the above will allow you to siff through companies, but bear in mind that those criteria should not be your only guideline and here's why:

  • A good company not necessarily must be associated or listed in public directories. Associations and listings cost and many of the trademarks don't pay much attention to the firm itself. They often only take money and give a logo to use. Don't vet companies purely on this.
  • Not every company will have a landline or their website verified by an SSL certificate. This doesn't mean they are no good. A lot of fantastic traders have only mobiles and no websites at all.
  • Smaller businesses will not have an office due to costs involved and those who's offices are in prime locations does not immediately make them trustworthy.
  • Branded uniforms and business cards look good and certainly add creadibility to the business, but don't base your decision on a nice card or a flashy uniform alone.

You should approach every company or a trader individually and weight the pros and cons, but all of the good guys will have:

  • Insurance
  • Portfolio of previous work
  • Reviews and previous clients with whom you can speak

Here are some definite do not's:

  • Never hire a company who cannot give you a completion date.
  • Never hire a company purely on the price.
  • Never accept an estimate, always ask for a written quote.

When making your decision take all of the above into account. It will make it easier and will drastically reduce chances of hiring a cowboy. Always do your own due diligence and use common sense. Ask as many questions as you need until you're satisfied and never rush it. You will hire someone to work on your home and you will very likely spend a substantial amount on it. Take your time, it is an important decision.


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